Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When I was about 6-7 weeks pregnant with Clara, I started getting severe morning sickness (and afternoon sickness, evening sickness, midnight sickness, etc).  I was in bed from the end of October until about early-mid December.  It was horrible.  Just the thought of a smell would get me sick. 

Thankfully, I have Ted.  He took over many things. Cooking dinner, cleaning, taking care of Noah, and even grocery shopping. 

Great right? Well... at the time, yes. Now... not so much.  I forgot how to grocery shop!  Before I had Ted do the shopping I was able to keep tabs of how much money I would spend on what was in my cart.  9 times out of 10 I was within $10-$20 of the final total.  But I forgot how to do that! Completely!  I used to go shopping at midnight to avoid the crowds and to avoid having to take Noah because he loves helping.  So when I went shopping on Tuesday, I had Noah with me AND it was about 6pm.  BAD COMBO.

I ended up spending about $100 more than I had wanted.  I kept thinking of things that we were out of (not needed, but we were out of it), and things that I had wanted to get, and oh look! cute little baby jammies!, and planning meals in my head....  I went to the check out and almost pooped my pants! "Ted is gonna beat my ass when I get home" was all I could think during the ride home. 

I get home, and Ted jumps up to unload the groceries while I'm putting things away... just waiting for him to ask how much I had spent.  He's seeing all the meat I had purchased, and the outfit, and the little snacks... he's going to ask me soon... *looks for a place to hide* maybe I can hide in the fridge... He'll never look for me in there!

"So how much did you spend?..." he finally says.  I take a deep breath and begin to explain... "-looks like about hmmmm $237. Right?". 

What the fuck?? How did he know? Where is the receipt? Ok, it's in my pocket... How did he know??

Ted starts laughing hysterically... CLEARLY he sees the 'deer in headlights' look on my face.  "I saw the charge to my card online, dork!".  Dick face... creeped me out. LOL

So, I told him that he needs to go back to doing the shopping because I dont think I can do it lol.  We'll see how that goes.

::Random Ray of Sunshine::
Look how cute those jammies are on Clara!!

And also, Noah and I made little personal pizzas for dinner.  They were simple and delicious!  He was very happy to help me make them!

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