Monday, November 21, 2011

Stress is sooo fun!

Yeah, not.  Ted and I are wondering how in the Hell we are going to come up with money for Christmas...oh! And the money to not get evicted!  Fun, right?!? Ha.      Dip shit stopped paying child support back in June, then our food stamps were cancelled becauase Ted makes too much money (when he gets overtime), then Ted stopped getting overtime.  Sooooo we are out about $500/month at least.  Our rent is behind, our electric is behind, we havent bought christmas gifts yet.... *sigh*  I love when things come together just to mess things up.  I went to the Department of Human Services (DHS) on Thursday to try and get back on food stamps and to try and get emergency assistance. "We'll call you in 7-10 days with an answer" does not help me now.  It drives me nuts that I am so honest to these people...  If I just lied like everyone else I would still be getting $400/month!! But noooo I was honest and it was cut to $200/month.  Then I was honest again and they were stopped.  Lovely.  It's not like Ted and I blow money.  I dont have my nails done... I dont have fancy hair highlights...


I guess that is my vent for the year.

::Random Ray of Sunshine::
Soon enough I will be able to get a new phone from Verizon, since my 2 years will be up in Feb.  I am hoping to get an iPhone.  We will see.  Maybe with my christmas money (if I get any).  My Blackberry is driving me insane.  I hate that damn thing.