Thursday, September 8, 2011

Perhaps I spoke too soon...

I mentioned in a previous post that Noah was finally going to bed without a diaper on and was doing very well.  Well, since that post he has wet the bed every night.  I don't mind because I am still awake and not doing anything.  What stinks is how much he cries when he does it.  I feel so bad for him.  I can tell that he feels so ashamed of wetting the bed...  He hates it.  I hate that he hates it.  I just finished cleaning up after a bed wetting minutes before I began writing this.  He slept about 5 hours before wetting the bed.  (midnight is the last time I heard him talking in his room).  I am wondering if I should start waking him up to go to the bathroom at night... I am clueless about it. 

I feel bad for it taking so long to get him potty trained... and I wasn't the one to get him started on it.  My mother is.  Thank God for her doing that while I was in the hospital having Clara because I would have had two kids in diapers. Yikes! But Noah never seemed to want to try to do it.  He'd pee in his little potty... but it became more of a way to avoid going to bed by shouting "OH! I think I need to go potty!".  He should have been starting pre-k this year... but with him not being able to poop without freaking out because he had been holding it for so long and now there is a brick in there... it just doesn't seem like a possibility.  He deserves to go to school.  He is so smart and he loves people.  He needs real friends...  No-ee*, Noggy*, Kimbeelee*, and The Ant family* (*-imaginary) aren't enough for him.  I wish I had gotten him to potty train sooner... *sigh*.  But I was so clueless about potty training a boy. 

Speaking of imaginary friends.....  I just went into Noah's room because he was talking too much.  Why?  "There is an imaginary monkey in my room bouncin' all over the place!".  He also says that there is an imaginary door that I had to close, lock, and bring him the key to because "that is where the imaginary animals are coming in from", and then he tells me that he has an imaginary bird in his bed... but it's ok because it's his best friend.  So I did the ol' "spray Windex imaginary animal spray" bit to take care of the monkey and "lock" the door he came from and now all is quiet in his room.

 So, after being engaged for nearly a year, Ted finally said that late spring-early fall would be good for a wedding.  He has yet to pick a date (I asked him to pick), but I can't complain.  This is great!  Just one month ago when I brought it up he said that he didn't want to rush into things because he's had two unsuccessful marriages (Both of which, he was married within a year of being with them (We've been together for over 3 years)).  I'm excited.  We're not going to have a large wedding, as a matter of fact... I think I'm content with just immediate family at a little chapel with a freaking BBQ somewhere afterwards.  I just want to be married to the man I love. 

::Random Ray of Sunshine::
My bed is finally clear of laundry!  It's been covered in clean, unfolded clothes since Clara was about a month old.  Ted and I sleep on the couch, so we didn't really see the need to have the bed cleared off.  But now that she is starting to sleep more regularly... perhaps we can relocate.  I miss my bed.  My love seat just isn't cutting it anymore.  I need to stretch!

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