Friday, September 2, 2011

Children's shows are a 50/50 shot.

When I was living with my mother after Noah was born I would watch PBS kids with him.  When Ted and I got an apartment together we couldnt get PBS kids without spending extra money on a bigger cable package.  So we started watching Nick Jr..  Half of these shows are great!  I adore The Fresh Beat Band (except Kiki... I want to stab her in the face), Bubble Guppies, and Backyardigans.  But there are certain shows on this channel that make me want to throw things at my ridiculously priced TV. 

Dino Dan- This show features a boy named Dan.  He loves dinosaurs.  He has a brother named Trek (wierd, I know).  Dan sees dinosaurs all over the place and learns a lot about them throughout each episode.  Great!  I love my son naming dinosaurs that I cant even spell! But what gets me is the hoooooorrible acting.  It is awful! 

Yo Gabba Gabba!- I hate this show.  I think it is so dumb.  The voices are like nails on a chalkboard.  The songs get stuck in my head for days at a time. It is Satan's show... for kids.  Evilllll

Max & Ruby- Where in the hell are the parents???  Why is that little bitch in charge of her brother?  Ruby is such a bitchy little bunny!  They have a grandma... so clearly there HAD to be parents... Has anyone called Childrens Bunny's Protective Services?


My darling daughter has a favorite parent.  It's not me. It makes me sad... yet happy.  Noah only had me for the first year and a half... his dad was part time.  He never bonded with his dad.  I never got to see Noah interect with the man I loved because that man was non existent. But with Clara, I get to see her smile and laugh at her dad when he gets home from work.  I love that he is the only one who can get her to laugh.  I wish I could too, but I'm happy that she is happy with us both.  I'll get my chance soon enough.

I've had a horrible headache for the past few days.  The kind that makes your entire head throb if you hold your breathe (ex: picking up Clara).  I've taken my typical headache medicine, but it's not working.  I've tried more caffiene, less caffiene, more sleep, less sleep.... NOTHING IS WORKING!  I assume it's part of my monthly gift for being a woman... and hope it ends with the end of my "gift". 

I made a rump roast on Tuesday.  It was my first.  I actually did well!!!  I could've taken it out of the oven a little sooner, but it wasn't dry so I was happy.  I also throw some carrots and potatoes in there with it.  Carrots are a rarity for me because Ted and Noah won't eat them.  It was so delicious!  I'm proud of myself and extremely thankful for the internet.  Without it, I never would have tried to make a rump roast without an experienced rump roaster here to help me lol.

::Random Ray of Sunshine::
Noah I sang Clara to sleep last night and it was the most precious thing I've ever seen! 

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