Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time goes by too fast

I got pregnant with Clara back in October...  I went onto you tube looking for videos of people finding out the gender of their baby or announcing their pregnancy to family and friends.  I ended up finding a Vlog that I have watched in it's entirety ever since I discovered it.

I actually began to feel like I knew this family (Not in a creepy way lol).  I basically have watched their youngest son grow up since he was a month old.  I shared their joy with each new milestone they shared online.  Today I watched a video montage of his first year, as his 1st birthday draws near.  I actually felt such happiness while watching the video that I cried.  Their little boy will be a year old.  A YEAR!  As a mom, I know how fast that first year goes by.  It's scary and amazing.  Clara is growing faster than I care to realize.  Soon, I will be wondering where all the time went.

Please enjoy the video of Declan's first year...  Try and tell me that it doesn't make you cry. lol


::Random Ray of Sunshine::

I wrote this entire blog with ONE  hand!!!  GO ME!!  SUPER MOM!!!  ;)

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