Sunday, September 4, 2011

In honor of Freddie

Tomorrow will be (what would have been) Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday. It fills my heart with sadness that he had to die.  He was 45 when he died...  Ted will be turning 46 in October and I cannot imagine him dying at this age.  It's so young. (Funny how my perspective of "old" has changed through the years).

I remember being young and listening to Queen cassettes with my mom not knowing that Freddie was gone.  I was young and just loved listening to Queen.  I remember listening to Bohemian Rhapsody and having no idea what it was about.  I didn't know about homosexuality or AIDS...  I just knew that Freddie was the greatest artist that has ever lived. 

As I got older, I listened to more and more Queen.  More recently, I watched a documentary of Queen and cried at the end when they talked about Freddie's death.  He died because of something that wasn't even that well known. ( HIV was initially known as GRID which stood for Gay-Related Immune Deficiency. Nice, eh?  Then it was known as The 4H Disease because "it seemed to single out Haitians, Homosexuals, Hemophiliacs and Heroin users"....)

Freddie died from and AIDS related illness the day after he announced that he was ill.  Can you imagine?  Announcing to the world that you are dying... then succumbing to the illness just over 24 hours after?  Scary.

Rest in peace, Freddie.  You are missed by all.

::Random Ray of Sunshine::
Noah has successfully slept through the night without a diaper for the past two nights!!  I am so proud of him!!  It's been a long struggle with getting him potty trained, but he is finally doing it!! The only thing left to work on is wiping- no biggie.

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