Monday, October 10, 2011

Weddings and stuff!

Well Ted finally picked a date for our wedding.  July 21st, 2012! 

Naturally, when I said it out loud "7-21-12", he said "OH! 2112! Like the Rush album!"

LOL. My silly man.
I made a whole chicken the other night for Ted's daughter, Melanie, and her boyfriend Ryan (He's a keeper!).  It was GOOD! Go me!

Speaking of Melanie...  She's my maid of honor (or witness if we just go to J.O.P.)!! How exciting!!
So Ted and I went to his cousins wedding Saturday night.  What a blast!  It's been far too long since I attended a wedding.  The last wedding I went to was the night before Noah's baptism and I couldn't really drink (Boo!).  But last night...... I drank. And drank... And DRANK.  I started off with good intentions... I had a small glass of white zin.  You can't chug that!  Then I had a Jack & coke... I drank it a little fast, but I wasn't buzzed yet so no biggie.  Then I decide I want something fruity.  So the bartender makes a concoction that probably has a name, though I never asked.  It was cherry vodka, sprite, cherry juice, and a cherry garnish.  WOOOOO those were good!  They were sooo smooth.. maybe a bit too smooth.  Before I knew it I had consumed 5 of them (plus the wine and jack)!  Then everything was in slow motion and I was sitting there staring at one spot lol.  Luckily someone ordered a bunch of pizza.  After two slices of pizza and a glass of water I was feeling fine.

OH! OMG! Having a flip-flop basket for all the women who insist on wearing high heels to a wedding is fucking GENIUS!  My god!  GEEEEENIUS!

Random question:
Why do all weddings have meatballs? lol
(I'm not complaining... I fucking love meatballs.)

::Random Ray of Sunshine::
Noah is back on track with nighttime potty training.  He hasn't wet the bed in I don't even know how long. Yay!  Pooping at night is still an issue though.  But, in my opinion, it's easier cleanup than pee.

And now...... RUSH:

(Yeah yeah, it's not from 2112... but it's my favorite!)

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